There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the menopause and how it is the new taboo. It is a subject that many people -usually, but by no means exclusively of the male gender – find difficult to discuss, and it really shouldn’t be. It will happen to every woman who is lucky to make it to her fifties and beyond (sadly sometimes before) and it isn’t a terrible thing, although I wish there was a proper name for it. ‘The change’ I find twee and slightly ridiculous. We’re not ‘changing’, we’re just not having babies anymore. The word ‘menopause’ actually refers to the very last period a woman has and what woman knows that for certain until a year later. I can’t even remember the last one I had and it’s not because my memory’s fading (although it is a bit), but because every month I didn’t have a period was just another bonus as far as I was concerned until I didn’t even have to worry anymore. I remember reading an article in a glamorous magazine for (younger) women about five years ago when I first began to experience the symptoms and the only advantage they could come up with was that we no longer had periods. The ONLY one! ONLY! That’s a major bonus as far as I’m concerned. It’s fantastic. And as for now being barren – well, I’m 54, I’ve had my kids, they’re great, I love them to bits, but the idea of being pregnant, all that physical discomfort, then actually giving birth and the years of broken nights, having to find babysitters or not go out…My God, I don’t want to do that again. I’ve just started to get my life back. Being post menopausal is wonderful as far as I’m concerned. So to every 50+ woman out there I say, embrace your inner crone. Being old is the new young.